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for good!

Say goodbye to

HR paperwork




Find out why over 600,000 employees love using this system.


Tasks that used to be done manually - tax documents, payroll setup, and benefit enrollment - are now done electronically in just a few minutes. The information is collected through your custom-built portal, and then pushed out to the people who need it: insurance, payroll, COBRA, and the IRS.


Inrollit will automate processes, simplify tasks, and reduce costly mistakes. Outsource HR tasks to save your business time, money, and paperwork - and get back to what really matters.

How will Inrollit work with your current benefit or payroll providers? 



New hires use our self-service, intuitive portal to e-sign agreements, complete tax documents, and enroll in payroll & benefits. 





Outsource all your HR tasks with Inrollit - onboarding, offboarding, benefits, payroll, compliance, reporting, and HRIS.



Make a change in Inrollit and it's pushed out to insurance companies, payroll, COBRA, and the IRS.



ACA, ERISA, HIPAA, PTO, FMLA, payroll, tax documents, work authorizations, and more - Inrollit has got you covered.



Get experienced consulting combined with a private marketplace, paperless enrollment, and decision support.



Get real-time visability for all data on both the company and employee level. View, save, or share any reports in PDF or Excel.

Automate HR tasks and say goodbye to paperwork with Inrollit's all-in-one system:


  • Paperless, mobile benefit enrollment

  • Electronic onboarding & offboarding

  • Tax documents & witholdings

  • Connectivity to payroll, COBRA, and insurance

  • ACA compliance

  • Real-time reports & analytics

  • Customizable HR documents

  • Personnel records, reviews, & salary changes 

  • 24/7 support


Modern, easy-to-use software that connects all your HR systems



Exceptional customer service is part of the package.



Benefit Consultants


  • Complete market anaylsis

  • Special plans & discounts

  • Insurance carrier negotiations

  • Benchmarking & program analysis

  • Cost-saving strategies

  • ACA & ERISA compliance

  • Claims analysis & underwriting

Relationship Managers


  • Benefits, payroll, COBRA questions

  • Federal & state compliance

  • Claim escalations

  • Employee surveys

  • Quarterly program review

  • Weekly communication

  • HR Training webinars

Policy Concierge


  • Enrollment assistance

  • Understanding benefits

  • Negotiating lower medical bills

  • Claim filing & billing

  • Provider network & referrals

  • Prescription assistance

  • 24/7 customer support

Ready to learn how Inrollit can save your business time, money, and administration problems?


Let's chat. The best way for us to learn about your business is to give you the guided tour. We will show you our system and discuss how it will achieve your company's goals. 


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