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Benefits Administration


Great benefits help you recruit great people. With Inrollit, it's easy to save time and money while offering better benefits to your employees. 

Don't give up experienced benefit consulting and one-on-one support just to get great software. With Inrollit, you can have it all.


A good benefit program can be expensive, complicated, and difficult to manage. Our high-touch and high-tech approach gets you away from benefits administration and back to your business. 


Our team of award winning experts will guide you every step of the way, helping you build a best-in-breed program that focuses on quality products, decreased administration, and cost savings.


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Manage insurance, FSA, payroll, COBRA, commuter benefits, and 401(k) in one simple online system.


Some of the features your business will enjoy with Inrollit:


  • Branded benefits marketplace

  • Smartphone app 

  • Paperless benefit enrollment

  • Connectivity to insurance companies

  • Monitor employee enrollment status & deadlines

  • Life event compliance triggers 

  • Real-time reports 

  • Consolidated billing

We make easy for employees to enroll in benefits, which makes HR pretty happy, too. 


Our Virtual Plan Coach recommends plans that are a good fit each employee, and then helps him or her enroll.


  • Personalized webpage for each employee

  • Free smartphone app

  • Self-service, intuitive portal

  • Paperless benefit enrollment

  • Guided shopping experience 

  • Deadline reminders  

  • View benefits & pricing - or make changes 

  • Lookup a doctor or print an ID card


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Our tracking system makes changes before the deadline so you don't have to worry about mistakes. 


Inrollit will walk you and your employees through: 


  • Tax documents

  • New hire onboarding paperwork

  • Payroll setup

  • Requesting and managing Paid Time Off

  • Benefit enrollment

  • Life event managment

  • Company documents or tasks

  • Annual reviews

  • Promotions and salary changes

Wouldn't it be nice to have real-time information on all your HR tasks? Well, now you can. 



View, save, print or share countless reports at the touch of a button:


  • ACA

  • Benefits & 401(k) contributions

  • Payroll & taxes

  • COBRA 

  • Paid Time Off 

  • Company hierarchy

  • Employee management


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Data Connectivity

Sending benefit and payroll information from one place to another used to be difficult.

But not anymore.



You need to do more than store information in a database. You also need to get that information to the places it needs to go.


Inrollit will securely send your data to

insurance companies, payroll, COBRA, and the IRS.



Exceptional customer service is part of the package with Inrollit. 



Benefit Consultants


  • Complete market anaylsis

  • Special plans & discounts

  • Insurance carrier negotiations

  • Benchmarking & program analysis

  • Cost-saving strategies

  • ACA & ERISA compliance

  • Claims analysis & underwriting

Relationship Managers


  • Benefits, payroll, COBRA questions

  • Federal & state compliance

  • Claim escalations

  • Employee surveys

  • Quarterly program review

  • Weekly communication

  • HR Training webinars

Policy Concierge


  • Enrollment assistance

  • Understanding benefits

  • Negotiating lower medical bills

  • Claim filing & billing

  • Provider network & referrals

  • Prescription assistance

  • 24/7 customer support

Ready to learn more about our benefit management tools that are customized for your business?


Benefit administration shouldn't be so hard! Inrollit created an intuitive, self-service portal that HR and employees love. 


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