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All-In-One HR Solution

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Onboarding, Benefits, Payroll, COBRA, ACA Compliance, HRIS 

Employees use our drop-down windows to complete an I-9 in a fraction of the time it takes on paper.

Shouldn't all your HR systems work together? 


New Employee Onboarding HRIS

Onboarding & HRIS

Do you want a break from new hire paperwork? Electronic onboarding gets new hires up and running fast - completing everything from tax documents to benefits enrollment.  

Employee Benefits


Enter a few key fields and the system takes it from there helping employees enroll online, control their budget, and make deadlines. Then Inrollit provides year-round, 24/ 7 customer support.

ACA Compliance


Don't worry about reading thousands of pages of legal compliance. Inrollit keeps you compliant on every front: ACA, PTO, payroll, tax documents, benefits, COBRA, labor laws, and more. 

Employee Benefits, Simplified.

We revoluntionized Employee Benefits, giving you back hundreds of hours a year.



  • Private benefits marketplace

  • Paperless, mobile enrollment

  • Personalized benefit packages

  • Guided shopping experience

  • Reports & analytics

  • Data sent to insurance companies

New Hire Onboarding, Paperless.

Online onboarding gives new hires a great first day, not a pile of paperwork.



  • I-9, W-4, State Withholding

  • E-sign contracts & agreements

  • Employee Handbook & policies

  • Payroll & benefits enrollment

  • Salary & benefit benchmarking

  • Searchable document storage

Human Resources, Outsourced.

Outsource your HR administrative work to save time, money, and trees.



  • Benefit enrollment

  • Payroll deductions

  • Onboarding forms

  • Tax documents

  • Paid Time Off management

  • Human Resource Information System

  • Personalized HR portal & support

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ACA Compliance, Automated.

  • Automated data collection

  • Variable Hour Tracking

  • Affordability Testing

  • Employee Notices

  • 1094-c/ 1095-c completion

  • Time & date stamped audits 

  • Electronic filing to IRS

Are you  worried about ACA requirements for your business? Consider it done.



Streamline HR processes and manage everything in one place, online.

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